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As the days grow longer in preparation of the winter months in British Columbia, the ocean visibility improves significantly. With less sunshine, the algae blooms are limited, resulting in visibility up to 60ft at times. With conditions such as this, it’s no wonder we want to get out diving as much as possible! However, many of us work during the daylight hours, leaving weekends for day dives only - but we have a secret- the best diving can sometimes be found at night! Night diving is unique because many creatures thrive at night, often rising from the depths to hunt....

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Are you wondering what to expect when you dive the waters of BC? Well, you are in luck!  We have compiled some of the miraculous sights you may experience when you book your dive trip to Vancouver Island! Although it is nearly impossible to short-list the incredible assortment of marine life and unique ecosystems waiting to be explored, we have listed six of the more commonly encountered life, along with a few of the rarities found in the beautiful green seas surrounding the coastlines of Vancouver Island and British Columbian coastline. Nudibranchs The largest and most diverse assortment of nudibranch...

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We are delighted to officially announce the grand opening of our dive store at the junction of Tofino and Ucluelet! This mobile dive store is an extension of our well established PADI 5 Star Dive Centre located in Courtenay, BC. Servicing both Ucluelet and Tofino communities we are excited to get out and explore the local waters of the west coast with you! Currently we are offering a wide selection of freediving, spearfishing, scuba and snorkel gear to get you in the water. Looking for tank fills? Not a problem, our dive store is fully outfitted with a reliable compressor...

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Freediving has seen a noticeable gain in popularity on Vancouver Island in recent years. Although the surface waters can be slightly warmer in the summer, the temperature below the thermocline is a frigid 5-8 degrees Celsius and in some areas the temperature remains relatively constant throughout the seasons. Although the summer months may bring slightly warmer water temperatures, the resulting algae blooms in the ocean can create a “pea soup” effect in the first 30-60 ft of the water column. However, the summer months bring a unique opportunity to explore the many freshwater glacier rivers that Vancouver Island has to offer....

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(Photo by Shannon Groenewegen) With the abundance of world class diving here on Vancouver Island, it is no wonder a passionate dive community has developed in the area. There are some that have saltwater running through their veins, so these dive addicts are a perfect choice to become Pacific Pro Dive Ambassadors, mirroring our passion and enthusiasm for the oceans. 

 We would like to introduce the first of our Ambassadors, Krystal Janicki. Krystal embodies the life of an adventurer, always smiling ear to ear after every dive and looking forward to the next marine life encounter. Born and raised in Campbell...

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