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Well as they say “hindsight is 20/20” so we want to save you the hassle of discovering these tips on your own and share a few of the lessons we have learned over our many years of diving the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and specifically Vancouver Island.  To ensure you have the best dives possible it’s important to plan and be prepared for common issues, so that you can address any problem you have and get back in the water as smoothly and quickly as possible! We have put together the five must-have dive accessories that we think are needed to...

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Do you think snorkelling is reserved for tropical vacations only? Think again!  The waters of Vancouver Island have so much to offer, boasting incredible marine life, emerald waters, towering kelp forests and bizarre but astounding creatures, the likes of which cannot be found on land. Although many people have a deep respect for the mysteries of the ocean, it is often viewed as another “world” where humans don’t belong. However, it is important for us to stay connected to our oceans, and to fall in love with our waters so that we protect them for generations to come. There is...

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Since 2017, I've been diving in a Sentry suit and I can easily say the best drysuits I've ever owned are from the BARE Sentry series. It's built for the demanding conditions of cold-water environments, but also gives flexibility for control and movement. Many suits I've used in the past had thick neoprene materials, which are great for thermal protection and abrasions, but lacked any flexibility. I would often have flashbacks to being a child that was stuffed into a thick snowsuit and unable to bend my arms. However, the BARE Sentry (Men’s)/ Guardian (Women’s) suits are a game changer....

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