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Looking for adventure? Looking for local dive buddies to explore with? Then look no further friends! We'd like to introduce the Pacific Pro Dive Adventure Club. Join the group and keep posted on local dives, BBQs and events. Our aim is to build a community of like minded individuals that share a passion for our oceans, for diving, for conservation and for exploration. Once members are a part of the group you can make posts looking for buddies, suggest new sites or trips, or ask questions and advice. Be a part of the Pacific Pro Dive Adventure Club!

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Steep Island is named for, er, being Steep. And an island. Pretty obvious really, but what a lot of people aren't aware of is that it’s one of the best places in the country to see tube worms. Lots and lots of tube worms. Tube worms are very cool creatures indeed. They are commonly attached to rocks, shells, floats and piers, and Steep Island seems to be magnet for them. They can be found at a depth of about 50 foot down, inhabiting waters to around 350 deep. These fascinating, and quite beautiful bouquets are filter feeders, meaning they feast on tiny microscopic organisms. Their predators...

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The PADI blog has just published a nice little article entitled “5 reasons why we love cold water diving”. We thought it would be fun to add 5 of our favourite, and different reasons we like cold water diving… Colour. If you think sub aquatic colour is reserved for tropical diving, and barrier reefs, you’d be mistaken. Take a dive in the waters off Northern Vancouver Island and try keeping your reg in your mouth as your jaw drops. Imagine a cliff face, covered in greens and pinks, as emerald waters and sun rays dance in midday light. We can...

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