About Pacific Pro Dive

Established 1994.

Pacific Pro Dive has been guiding divers to the very best sites, helping new divers experience the excitement of scuba diving, exploring and documenting the oceans around the globe, but most importantly meeting new friends.

Whether it be simply trying the sport in the confines of a pool for the first time, learning underwater photography so you can share your adventures with your friends and family or extending the range of your exploration with the latest technologies, we are here to help you.

Located in Courtenay, Vancouver Island, we bring you the very best scuba diving equipment. Easy to navigate, easy to order, easy to dive. We promise speedy delivery, good communication, and an expert opinion whenever you need it. 

Come rain, shine, or global lockdown - we can make sure you get access to the gear you need, when you need it. 

Owners Robyn and Scot Fyfe have an experienced staff, all local and tropical divers. We dive, we teach, and we have fun - whether in the warm waters of the Mexican cenotes, or the temperate waters of Canada's west coast.  

Go dive. Go explore. Go Pacific Pro Dive.