Dive into Summer on Vancouver Island

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Dive into Summer on Vancouver Island

Summer is arguably the most enjoyed season across Canada, but Vancouver Island summers are the perfect blend of warm sunny weather, and a climate that is conducive to adventuring. Not too hot, not too cold and you can explore from the tops of the mountains to the depths of the ocean.  With so much to do, we have put together some of our favourite ways to get out on the water this summer and explore Vancouver Island in all its natural glory:

Glacial River Diving

As the annual snow melt slows, the rushing rivers slacken to a more leisurely pace in the later months of summer. These cold, crystal clear waters have gouged out impressive river canyons that can be explored by both freediving, and scuba. The clear waters combined with the unique topography of the rock walls can make you feel like you are flying!

Kelp Forest Diving

Like terrestrial plants, kelp forests take advantage of the longer summer days to flourish, growing lush vibrant forests under the surface. Kelp can be found in shallow waters (up to 20m) attaching to rocks with root-like holdfasts. The forests play a key role in marine ecosystems providing shelter and food for many other species. There is nothing quite as calming as swaying kelp fronds in the ocean currents. It just never gets old, and nothing beats getting out on a hot summer day to explore the kelp forests surrounding Vancouver Island!

Explore the Royston Wrecks

Not ready to get your toes wet yet? The Royston wrecks are a perfect activity to explore during slack tide. With a variety of wrecks that sit partially submerged, it’s extremely fun to explore from a safe distance with paddleboards, or even from shore.  The breakwater was built in the early 20th century, where 14 ships which no longer served their sea-faring purpose were strategically sunk to calm the waters and shelter logging operations. In total there were three windjammers, three frigates, two destroyers, three steam tugs, one (maybe two) harpoon boat, and two barques (a kind of “workhorse” of the 19th century sailing ships).

Dive Deeper

With all that sunlight, populations of microscopic creatures (algae) which rely on photosynthesis explode in the shallower waters around the Island.  However, the deeper you go, the less sunlight and therefore the clearer the visibility! Summer is the perfect time to dive deep and explore the plethora of wrecks accessible from the shores of Vancouver Island. 

Snorkel or Tube the Rivers

Puntledge is excellent for both tubing with the whole family or get in the water and run the rapids in your snorkel kit. With multiple entry and exit points, you can explore the faster moving waters upriver, or float the leisurely sections leading to the Lewis Park in Courtenay. Don’t forget to follow up your float with an ice cream cone to round out the experience!

With endless options for getting out and enjoying summer here on the Island, we can guarantee you will have a memorable trip regardless of the itinerary! If you need more information, or supplies, don’t be shy and drop into our storefront in Courtenay!