Get your dive gear serviced on Vancouver Island

Tank inspections - required annually:  
Cylinder Visual Inspection $30
Tank Valve Service $45.95 (includes parts)
Hydrostatic testing $50
Tank Tumble $35


Regulator servicing - recommended annually:
Regulator Service
$45.00/stage (not including parts)
Regulator Check & Adjust $59.95 (price includes, 1st & 2nd stage and alternate, not including parts)
Shop Labour Rate $80 per hour


BCD servicing:
BCD Inflator Service $79.95 (not including parts)
BCD Leak Test $29.95


Drysuit repairs - (sent to a certified repair facility):
Leak Test (done in store) $30
Replace Wrist Seals - Latex/Neo $175.95
Replace Wrist Seals - Latex/Tri
Replace Wrist Seals - Neoprene
Replace Neck Seals - Latex/Neo $177.95
Replace Quick Neck System - Latex $59.95
Replace Quick Neck System - Silicone
Install Quick Neck System - Latex $359.95
Install Quick Neck System - Silicone $379.95
Zipper Replacement - Metal $549.95
Zipper Replacement - Plastic $421.95
Install Pockets $89.95 - $225.95
Install Dry Cuff Rings $329.95


These prices are based on BARE drysuits, we do repair other brands. Prices are estimates only and may vary depending on the suit. To get a more accurate quote, please contact us.


Dive Computer Battery Changes:
Most Battery Changes $21.95 (not including battery kit)
Sunnto Battery Change (not D series) $60 (not including battery kit)
Sunnto D Series Battery Change $113 (1-2 weeks shipping)
Suunto Transmitter Battery Change $89.95 (1-2 weeks shipping)


Avalanche kit:
Avalanche Bag With Kit $23.81 (fill, including seal)
Avalanche Bag Without Kit  $19.05 (fill, no seal)


We use Ultrasonic cleaning technology (same as dentists and jewellers) in our servicing department. Full regulator and cylinders service is available at our Courtenay dive centre. 

We are not responsible for equipment left for over 30 days. All prices plus tax.

Pacific Pro Dive is one of Canada’s premier suppliers of BARE, Hollis, Zeagle, Oceanic, and Atomics Aquatics. Contact us for servicing, advice, or to buy!