Snorkelling Vancouver Island: Come on In, the Water is Fine!

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Snorkelling Vancouver Island: Come on In, the Water is Fine!

Do you think snorkelling is reserved for tropical vacations only? Think again!  The waters of Vancouver Island have so much to offer, boasting incredible marine life, emerald waters, towering kelp forests and bizarre but astounding creatures, the likes of which cannot be found on land.

Although many people have a deep respect for the mysteries of the ocean, it is often viewed as another “world” where humans don’t belong. However, it is important for us to stay connected to our oceans, and to fall in love with our waters so that we protect them for generations to come. There is no better way to grow your bond with the ocean, than to immerse yourself into its waters and experience the spectacular views waiting for you.

“But it’s COLD!!” Yes, our waters can be brisk, but these cold currents are exactly what helps the life below the surface to grow to such impressive sizes and allows an enormous variety of sea life to thrive. A warm dry suit paired with a hood, gloves, and boots is all that is needed to keep you toasty on your adventures. Many people also opt for a 7mm wetsuit instead of a dry suit as a more budget friendly option.

 If you need any more reason to get in the water, we have you covered!

Four reasons why you need to snorkel Vancouver Island:

Family friendly

All ages welcome! With such variety of snorkeling sites its easy to find areas to explore that cater to all ages, and abilities especially in Tofino and Ucluelet. With easy access to gear rentals, the whole family can experience the joys of discovering life under the surface.

Gateway to discovering diving

Snorkelling is just the tip of the iceberg, providing a bird’s eye view of the ocean walls, and shelves below. We are confident, once you start to discover all the jaw dropping views you will want to get a closer look! Freediving, and Scuba diving are both amazing next steps if like us - you just can’t get enough of exploring ever rock and crevice under water. Check out our other blogs to read about diving Vancouver Island.

Great exercise

Fresh ocean breezes and cool refreshing waters - can exercise be any more fun than this? From exploring tide pools along the beach, to hopping in the water for a closer look with a mask and snorkel, the best exercise is when you are doing something you love. The cold water also helps with circulation, as well as clarity and energy levels.

 Learn more about your local marine ecosystems

Although there is much we have yet to learn about our oceans, it is incredible how much you can learn about our marine ecosystems by simply observing and spending time in the water. Every nook and cranny is filled with life, creating a very complex ecosystem that is both resilient and delicate. So, grab your family, get wet, get dirty, ask questions, and expand your world to discover life below the surface.

Remember to buddy up, check local conditions, treat the ocean with respect, and stay safe! If you have any questions about snorkelling, pop into our store for information and any gear you may need!