Zeagle Envoy II Regulator Package

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The Envoy II is an incredible value, meeting or exceeding the performance of regulators that cost much more. This package comes with the Envoy II 1st and 2nd stage, the Envoy II Octo and the classic pressure gauge. It has everything you need to get breathing underwater.

Envoy II

The Envoy II is an economical regulator that doesn't compromise on performance or reliability. Its lightweight 1st stage, with balanced diaphragm, is available in DIN or Yoke, and its 2nd stage has a downstream valve and Dive/Pre Dive Venturi control (with 30 inch hose length). Available in DIN or Yoke

Envoy II Octo

High performance with free flow control.

Pressure Gauge

  • One-piece brass body is shock resistant and highly durable
  • Ergonomic sleek styling of the housing which gives the instrument a low and compact profile and comfortable grip
  • Comes with a Thermoplastic hose for flexibility to provide ease of gauge reading
  • Two integrated attachment points at the top providing multiple options for gear configuration 
  • Custom Zeagle dial, easy to read and attractive
  • Copper Beryllium spiral-wound rings ensure greater reliability and miniaturization, bourdon tube design provides measurement accuracy
  • Available in both imperial and metric, 32" hose