JBL Spearo Freediving Fins - Open Heel

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The Spearo Longblade Polymer Fins deliver outstanding performance at an unbeatable price.  They are particularly suitable for colder waters as the open heel feature enables the use of wetsuit boots for added warmth.  They have a stiff foot base that becomes progressively flexible towards the tip.  The reinforced base adds further rigidity to critical areas.  This balance of stiffness and flex ensures that each kick translates to maximum thrust.  Polymer blades are set at a 22 degree angle, following the natural geometry of the foot and leg.  Spearo open heel foot pockets allow for a custom fit without skimping on comfort or kick efficiency.  This accomplishment is achieved by molding them from three different rubber densities.  The unique properties of each material enable peak performance throughout the pocket.  Adjustable back straps ensure the perfect fit for every foot.  Side rails offer additional stiffness and channel water down the blade.  Water that would "spill" over the edges is converted into further propulsion.  Pockets and blades are modular.  Secured with screw and blade clips this allows for smaller storage, easy repairs, and upgrades.


  • Exclusive Polymer Blade Formula
  • Modular Design
  • Upgradeable
  • Tri-Density Foot Pocket
  • Adjustable Open Heel Pockets
  • Stainless Hardware