Sherwood Onyx Freediving Fins

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Free Diving Fun!

Enjoy a splash in comfort with our popular Sherwood Free Diving Fins. These long flexible fins are most suitable for both free diving and open scuba applications. Using an efficient blade channel design, the Sherwood Free Diving Fins enhance maximum thrust in underwater environments. Comfort and effectiveness are balanced by an extremely soft foot pocket while incorporating a stiffer foot pad to assist in energy transfer. The long composite blades combine power and leverage to ensure the user can reach further depths in shorter times. 


  • Suitable for Free Diving, Scuba, and Spear Fishing.
  • Soft integrated foot pocket design ideal for extensive energy transfer while maintaining less weight compared to separate foot pocket designs.
  • Stiff foot pad.
  • Flexible and lightweight Polypropylene composite blade.
  • Weighs 1.61 kg.
  • Universal black.