Oceanic Predator Mask Camo

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Hunt For Deeper Water.

The Oceanic Predator line is designed specifically for the free diver and open water hunter, but with the ease of use and quality one can expect from Oceanic.

The Predator Mask is an ultra-low volume design, specifically for the freediver that wants to see it all without being seen, with the stylish blue camo print.

Soft-squeeze buckles made for easy adjustment and a comfortable universal skirt ensures all-day wearability. Tinted lenses are constructed from super-durable tempered glass for many years of use. 

  • A low-volume camo mask for freedivers and underwater hunters
  • Patented Soft Squeeze buckle technology provides superior comfort and ease of use with no sound
  • Comfortable universal skirt design.
  • Smoked and mirrored lenses to conceal the diver’s eyes while hunting