Hollis Finger Spool

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Finger Spools are most often used as a Gap Reel or for Short Distance Exploration. Small and low-profile, a spool fits nicely out of the way in a pocket or clipped off to a D-ring. The holes in the side allow for clipping in a double-ended snap anywhere along the perimeter of the spool to keep the line tight when not in use. Hollis Stainless Steel Finger Spools, made from either 304L Stainless Steel or ABS plastic, are as rugged as they come. Or, choose the Hollis Finger Spool made of glass-filled nylon for durability in marine environments.


  • Available in 30 ft (9 m), 100 ft (30 m) and 150 ft (45 m)
  • The 30' is often used for GAP reels. The 100' and 150' Finger Spools are often used for shooting lift bags or as safety reel
  • Smaller spools for safety and jump reels
  • Spool fits in drysuit pocket, utility pocket or clipped off to a D-ring Available in ABS plastic or 304L stainless steel
  • #24 white braid cave line
  • Stainless double ended clip included