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The combination of performance, ergonomics, features and materials found in the Z2 adds up to our most cost efficient regulator option, without compromising performance or durability. Paired with the Z2 Octo and the Zeagle pressure gauge. The chrome plated brass first stage comes with a fixed 7-port cap and two high pressure ports. The second stage houses corrosion resistant zirconium coated brass and titanium components. Environmentally sealed and it comes standard in gray.

Tremendous effort goes into making a regulator perform effortlessly

Every Atomic Aquatics Regulator features the same high performance breathing characteristics, 2-year/300 dive service interval and limited life time warranty. Both first and second stages are balanced designs. In addition, every second stage features the patented “AFC” Automatic Flow Control that adjusts for ease of breathing performance at any depth and the “seat saving orifice” for extended service life.

All models are available in DIN or Yoke and are ready for 40% Nitrox use.

Z2 Octo

A perfect complement to any of our regulator systems, the Z2 will make the perfect addition to any divers set up. All Zirconium plated brass and titanium metal components, making this second stage a real workhorse.

Why scrimp on important “safety” life support?

It is called a safe second for a vital reason - it is intended to get a diver safely out of an emergency situation. Atomic Aquatics believes that safe seconds are just as important, if not more so, than your primary regulator. Although rarely used, in some ways it is your most important piece of equipment. And just like our complete regulator systems, our octos come with our patented AFC and seat saving orifice.

Zeagle SPG

  • One-piece brass body is shock resistant and highly durable
  • Ergonomic sleek styling of the housing which gives the instrument a low and compact profile and comfortable grip
  • Comes with a Thermoplastic hose for flexibility to provide ease of gauge reading
  • Two integrated attachment points at the top providing multiple options for gear configuration 
  • Custom Zeagle dial, easy to read and attractive
  • Copper Beryllium spiral-wound rings ensure greater reliability and miniaturization, bourdon tube design provides measurement accuracy
  • Available in both imperial and metric, 32" hose