(New) Atomic M1 (1st Stage)

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The M1 has an expanded performance range to meet almost any diving condition imaginable. Caves, cold, deep, enriched air – the M1 is perfect for recreational divers ready to extend their capabilities or accomplished technical and specialty divers. State-of-the-art metals meet proven Atomic designs to deliver reliable performance to fulfill virtually any need or diving scenario.

The first stage is chrome-plated brass, is environmentally sealed, and also comes with the swiveling 5-port low pressure cap and two high pressure ports.

Tremendous effort goes into making a regulator perform effortlessly

Every Atomic Aquatics Regulator features the same high performance breathing characteristics, 2-year/300 dive service interval and limited life time warranty. Both first and second stages are balanced designs. 

All models are available in DIN or Yoke and are ready for 40% Nitrox use.