Atomic B2 (1st + 2nd Stage)

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Our most popular regulator, the Atomic B2 system combines the signature second stage design and materials of the T3 with a Chrome-plated Brass first stage. The result is an incredibly high-performance regulator system that is approachable for every diver and every budget.

Tremendous effort goes into making a regulator perform effortlessly.

Every Atomic Aquatics Regulator features the same high performance breathing characteristics, 2-year/300 dive service interval and limited lifetime warranty. Both first and second stages are balanced designs. In addition, every second stage features the patented “AFC” Automatic Flow Control that adjusts for ease of breathing performance at any depth and the “seat saving orifice” for extended service life.  Environmental sealing is optional for this system.

All models are available in DIN or yoke and are ready for 40% Nitrox use.

Available optional color kits: Royal Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey, Aqua, Pink and Purple