Meet our staff

A dive store is only as good as it's staff, and we've got the best!

ROBYN FYFE - Owner, Instructor

I have always wanted to learn to dive as long as I can remember and diving in Galapagos was a childhood dream. When I moved to Victoria in 1980 the first thing I did was get certified, then I found a great diving community and trained up to PADI Divemaster. During my 10 years in Victoria, I regularly dived local sites and discovered the incredible, critter rich waters of Port Hardy, including breathtaking Browning Passage and the exhilarating Nakwakto Rapids. Fast forward to 2012 my husband, Scot, encouraged me to become a PADI Instructor and to this day I enjoy introducing new divers to the wonders of our ocean. Scot and I fulfilled my dream of diving in Galapagos in 2013 and we also visited Bonaire, Curacao and Thailand for some spectacular diving. Of our 6 kids, 5 are certified and we hope to have the 6th certified after she finishes giving us beautiful grandchildren who are already hooked on the idea of becoming divers. I love owning Pacific Pro Dive because it is a perfect way to build community and promote conservation. I hope to see all of you out diving soon!

What is it about diving you love? The best part of diving is the community. I love meeting new divers and experienced divers alike and sharing our wondrous underwater world with them. It is never boring seeing the same creatures over and over but so exhilarating finding new ones and the same goes for dive buddies.

What is your favourite dive site? My favourite dive site is Seven Tree Island in Browning Passage, near Port Hardy. Every dive there is sensory overload because there is so much life to see. I am truly spoiled to live where the best diving in the world is at my fingertips.

What advice can you give to new divers? Don’t stop at Open Water. Keep diving, keep learning and keep exploring the wonders of our ocean.


I believe that our responsibility as people is to be good stewards of our planet, the animals on it and the environment in which we live. As a dive center we are in a unique position to teach people just how delicate and diverse our underwater world is.  Seeing the excitement in the eyes of a new diver makes it all worthwhile. The world is an amazing place, and diving around the world has opened my eyes to how beautiful the oceans and the life in it are. It’s a reminder to never take what we have for granted.

What is it about diving you love? I love the uniqueness of underwater life and the diversity from one side of the island to the other. It is important that we educate each other on how to respect and conserve the life.

What is your favourite dive site? My favourite dive site is in Galapagos because there is so much big life.

What advice can you give to new divers? Never be afraid to ask as many questions as you can before you make your first gear purchase.

RON NELSON - Owner, Master Instructor

I have always been fascinated with the underwater world, and in September 2012 I finally took the plunge and achieved my open water certification. I loved being underwater so much that in 2015 I became a PADI Divemaster and started my journey as a PADI pro. I love taking students underwater and seeing their faces when they first see a fish, crab - it gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that I helped these students achieved their goal. In 2018 my son was diagnosed with cancer (he is now cancer-free), when at his chemo treatments many of the patients I met there wished they could try diving, but thought that would never happen. I asked a friend to introduce me to Disabled Divers International, I am now a DDI Instructor and teach disabled students how to dive.

What is your favourite dive site? Seven Tree in Port Hardy, as it has so much life and underwater - it looks like the bottom is covered with snow!

What is your favourite piece of dive gear? I dive wearing a Waterproof drysuit and breath from Poseidon regs, as I have tried many different types and brands over these years, and these two work the best for me.

What is it about Vancouver Island diving you enjoy so much? Coming from Alberta, Vancouver Island has become my sanctuary. There are so many different dive sites and so much different marine life we get to encounter. Most dive sites in North America simply don't compare.

HALEY ISLES (and Mango) - Courtenay, Sales

I have had the highest privilege to be born and raised in the Comox Valley, I love calling this place home. I have been a lover of the ocean from a young age, and being near the sea has always felt like home. I got certified in Koh Tao, Thailand and immediately I was hooked! I was thrilled to come home and extend my love of diving to the local waters. I also enjoy mountain biking on the wonderful trails in Cumberland, hiking with my delightful dog, Mango, and working on my freediving skills. My goal is to become a respiratory therapist and I would love to marry the two passions of diving and medicine into one, potentially operating a hyperbaric chamber one day.

What is your favourite dive site? I love seeking the teeny tiny critters that bring the ocean floor to life! Currently my favourite site is Singing Sands - a sandy bottom with lots to see and a shipwreck that is a homestead for giant pacific octopus. If you enjoy Lumpsuckers buzzing about, stubby squids tossing sand onto their heads to hide, crustaceans stomping through the kelp, and octopus of all sizes, then Singing Sands will be your favourite site too!

What is your favourite piece of dive gear? The 7mm Bare mitt gloves are an absolute game changer for warm hands. I've always struggled with cold hands and I've tried everything! When I tried the 7mm mitt I finally had toasty hands the entire dive. I was a happy camper! The 7mm Bare mitts are so warm I even dive with them in the winter months.

What is it about Vancouver Island diving you enjoy so much? It's great to have all these fantastic dive sites right on our doorstep. I've learned so much about our local ecosystem by diving right in (pun intended!). What's so great about diving Vancouver Island is that there are so many sites to explore, I feel like I have only grazed the surface of what's here. Embracing the cooler waters here in BC can be challenging yet so rewarding. My favourite animal encounter on Vancouver Island is the friendly hello we get from a passing steller sea lions or a curious octopus giving your hand a squeeze with their arms. It puts a smile on my face every time!

DIANNA LEYENHORST - Tofino & Ucluelet, Sales

I live a bit of a nomad lifestyle! If I'm not working I'm in a new country and experiencing whatever diving and new adventures I can find. Thankfully the travel restrictions altered my plans and I got to focus on the amazing diving my own country has to offer. I left Saskatoon behind and found a dive shop to help me achieve my Divemaster certification, and Robyn and Scott ended up offering me a job - I have been working here since! I've always been obsessed with the ocean and anything to do with water (which people think is funny when they find out I'm from the Prairies). I first got my Open Water 2015 in Australia, and one day I hope to become an instructor, until then I get to work at Pacific Pro Dive in Tofino and Ucluelet, and I am so excited to build a little dive community on this side of the island!

What is your favourite dive site? So far my favourite is to do a night dive at Oak Leaf. There's so much incredible life there, and some of the best dives I've ever experienced were at Oak Leaf. Since I'm still fairly new to Vancouver Island I'm still discovering all the great dive sites, and I'm super pumped to find a new favourite now that I'm based in Tofino and Ucluelet!

What is your favourite piece of dive gear? Last fall I won a Suunto Zoop computer at the annual pumpkin carving costume contest - I was a ghost! I love how durable and easy to use it is, so much so that I now have a second one as my backup.

What is it about Vancouver Island diving you enjoy so much? When I first called Pacific Pro Dive to ask about the Divemaster course I was shocked and ecstatic when I found out I could dive all year round here, and even more excited when I found out about the giant octopus that would be accompanying me on my dives! The sea life here is amazing, and it's awesome that there are so many untouched sites to discover and explore.

TRAVIS FYFE - Courtenay, Sales

I have been with Pacific Pro Dive for nearly a year now, and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with all things diving! When I am not at the dive store, I am busy completing my business administration diploma through online learning, exploring the island, and of course dry suit diving!

What is your favourite dive site? I think I would go with Tyee Cove! I consider it the “standard” dive site, and it’s typically one of the easier shore dive sites to recommend for new divers to jump into. I like the fact you can choose either of the two walls to dive, and they always have something new to see! I also prefer this dive site as it has an onsite bathroom as well as plenty of space to setup and take down your equipment with a larger size group.

What is your favourite piece of dive gear? I am blown away by any new products I get the opportunity to learn about at Pacific Pro Dive. One of my most favourite pieces of dive gear would have to be dive masks. After selling countless masks at the store, I’ve really come to realize how important selecting a high quality, comfortable fitting mask is. Whether you scuba dive, freedive, or just enjoy snorkeling, a mask connects you directly with the underwater world. A good or bad mask can completely make or break your experience in the water.

What is it about Vancouver Island diving you enjoy so much? Vancouver Island diving offers such a diverse number of dive sites compared to other areas in the world. Are you a newer diver wanting to start your first dives in a calm, easily accessible spot? You got it. Are you an experienced diver looking to go past 100 feet? Done. Do you not dive at all but want to experience the salmon runs in Campbell River? You can do that too. The dive community here on Vancouver Island are incredibly welcoming. Nowhere else will you meet such a vibrant community that is eager to share their stories and set you up for your own successes in the water. It is how I got started diving, and it is how you can start too!

Guy Dewolf - Divemaster

Guy took up scuba diving in 2017 after retiring and moving to the Comox Valley. Guy is now a Dive Master, leading local dives, and also works in Pacific Pro Dive's Courtenay dive centre. As a military veteran Guy is also a member of CFB Comox's 19 Wing Pacific Divers Scuba Club with whom he teaches Discover Scuba Diving courses, assists with Open Water courses and serves on the club's technical committee. When not scuba diving Guy is frequently riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle year round with his fellow veteran biker friends around Vancouver Island and beyond.   

What is your favourite dive site? Of the numerous amazing dive sites around Vancouver Island Guy is most fond of China Creek located just south of the town of Port Alberni. The wreck and the wall at China Creek are wonderful dives for both beginners and more advanced divers.

What is your favourite piece of dive gear? Guy's favourite piece of equipment is his underwater light, which he uses for indicating underwater points of interest for other divers and illumination for photography.

What is it about Vancouver Island diving you enjoy so much? Guy was born and raised on Vancouver Island and has a strong connection to the land and waters here. The marine life is abundant and captivatingly beautiful. With the mild winter climate, diving the waters around Vancouver Island is a year round activity. Emerging from the sea after a winter dive to see the snow capped mountains of the Central Vancouver Island Mountain Range and the Coast Mountains is to experience some of the most unparalleled natural beauty of Vancouver Island.