Sea Lion Dive and Marine Eco Tour - Vancouver Island

Christmas may be over, the new year may be under way, and the cold may be upon us - but that doesn't mean the mountains are the only place to go at the weekend. Look to the water, and the local marine life waiting to say hello.

Sea lions and seals are in abundance this time of year, and the Comox Valley, north Vancouver Island is the perfect place to start your adventure.

Pacific Pro Dive have two awesome boats, making scuba diving, snorkelling, or just sightseeing an exciting, comfortable and safe day on the water. Come into our full service dive store, or phone to book a place. We run boats all year round and can accommodate most group sizes and requirements.

We'll zip you out to one of several locations near to the Comox Valley, where you will get the chance to either scuba dive, snorkel or just watch the local population of steller sea lions.

Steller sea lions are a near threatened species, and the largest of their kind in this area. With an average weight of between 500 and 700 pounds, steller sea lions are the gentle giants of the sea. Think giant puppy dogs. They're inquisitive, playful and love checking out divers, as much as we enjoy observing them.

Put down the ski's, take a trip out on the water, and have a memorable adventure on the Pacific coast.