Learn to Dive & Protect the Environment

Learn to Dive & Protect the Environment

A picture is worth a thousand words. We hear a lot of talk about the environment (which is good). But some of us feel tasked to do more. Like protecting the planet. And teaching people how to live in harmony within their environment. As stewards of all that is worthwhile, we can and should provide first hand wisdom and advice to others about the care of our land, and our oceans and. And our still abundant wildlife.

As a dive center our focus is on the oceans. Understanding how delicate ocean systems are, means that they require constant attention, and people to look after them. 

Many people learned about the environment from pioneers such as Jacques Cousteau, Andre Laban, Stanton Waterman and such. Technology wise, it was tough going back then. But technology has progressed to such a degree that diving today is incredibly safe and truly fun. That means more time to understand our place in keeping the oceans alive and making sure they are there for future generations.  

Realizing that business and attitudes can change for the better, we envision a whole new world of possibilities within our reach. We want to open the way for more people to come to our store and learn how to dive. But we don’t want to stop there. Our plan is to stick with you and grow with you until you learn how to dive at any level.  Ultimately you may be the pioneer that educates a whole new generation of people, just like Jacques Cousteau once did. 

 If you truly love the environment and want to make a difference in our world, join us at Pacific Pro Dive and learn to dive and become part of a unique community.