Give the Gift of Diving this Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Diving this Holiday Season

We all have that person in our lives that is impossible to shop for! They seem to have everything and each time the Christmas season rolls around, the struggle begins anew. Well, I’ve got great news of you:

We have the perfect solution - Scuba Diving!

It’s true, we think diving is the answer to everything, but this time it really can be the solution! Diving is a memorable experience, a lifetime certification with a knack for sparking a passionate new hobby and might even inspire a new career path. With consumerism running rampant giving the gift of an experience can be a unique, thoughtful and eco-friendly option.

Give Them a Taste!

To start someone out and gift an experience they will be talking about for years, we highly recommend a PADI Discover Scuba Diving course - a taster of things to come! The first steps in becoming a certified diver is the PADI’s Open Water Course and is internationally recognized by all dive operators - truly a gift that “ keeps on giving”. Consider PADI's Advanced Open Water for the one who likes to test the limits or expand on their OW.

Built to Last!

Dive gear is built to last so if you are planning to invest in a piece of gear as a gift, know that it is a long term purchase as dive manufacturers focus on quality and safety. If you think the diver in your life truly has everything, there are always  dive accessories such as colour kits, dive knives, and tank stickers which always make good stocking stuffers.

Make it Special!

Already a diver? No problem - add a specialty course to expand their skill set into a new avenue of diving. PADI Enriched Air( Nitrox) EANx course for the diver that can’t get enough and wants more bottom time and shorter surface intervals; PADI Drysuit to change that “ I only dive in the tropics” friend to a cold water explorer;  PADI Wreck specialty for the history buff or those who can’t resist the allure of wrecks. With so many specialties to choose from there is something for everyone. There is also the option to expand into something new like free diving as well!

 Light it up! 

As you descend, water absorbs different wavelengths of light to different degrees. The longest wavelengths, with the lowest energy, are absorbed first. Red is the first to be absorbed followed by orange and yellow. This means without your own artificial light source you are going to miss out on a TON of exciting colourful critters. Enter, the dive light! Often considered an accessory, we consider it an essential, especially in temperate conditions, deep dives, and of course night dives. With the shorter days in the northern hemisphere, giving the gift of light can open up an entire new world of diving - including night diving, photography, or simply enjoying the colour show.

However, the greatest gift of diving is the time spent with your dive buddies sharing adventures and seeing parts of the natural world that few have the opportunity to explore. This holiday season the best gift might just be the time spent with loved ones and learning something new together can be the greatest gift of all.