FREE scuba diving eBook - Diving Almanac

"The most diverse, yet comprehensive collection of it's kind". That's how DIVER magazine described the Diving Almanac. We'd go one step further and simply say it's the best scuba diving book. Ever. Yep, we did say that. Bold claim huh? We stand by it because the Diving Almanac is a publication years in the making. You can read it's history here- but to summarize - a stunning amount of hard work, dedication and passion by diver, Editor and Publisher Jeffrey Gallant, a man who learnt to dive right here in Comox, BC.

The Diving Almanac has over staggering 668 diving related records, 674 Who's Who profiles, and over 6000 years of diving history. Well designed, with fantastic photography and illustrations from a host of the world's best contributors.

We'd recommend everyone buys this for a fellow diver's Christmas present, however we can't. BECAUSE IT'S 100% FREE!

What. Free? No credit card, sign up, subscription, first born, arm or leg required. Simply visit the website and download. Since the eBook is a PDF it will work on any mobile device - iPhone, iPad, Android, PC's Mac's... no excuses.

The Diving Almanac should be in the possession of every diver on the planet - it's that good, that interesting, and thatentertaining.

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