5 Travel Apps for your iPhone

This app will detect your location and determine it’s UVI rating before starting a countdown telling you when to apply your next coating of sunblock.

Any List
A fantastic way to create easy to follow lists. Great for packing lists, rebreather and dive checklists, keeping track of camera gear, expenses, and things to do. Syncs with family members too.

Anything that can make those multi-flight journeys more tolerable is a welcome addition to one’s app arsenal. LoungeBuddy will suggest available airport lounges, their facilities, reviews and level of access you can get.

Audio Guide to the World. Think of this like one of those audio guides you can pick up at museums. Except always in your pocket, and covering the entire globe.

Google Translate
Type in a word to get a translation into one of 90 languages, or simply take a photo of a word, sign, or phrase and let the app do the rest.