Custom Automated Compressor Stations

Automated Air and Nitrox Compressor Stations

Our unique automated compressor stations are state of the art - encompassing intuitive touchscreen technology and unparalleled safety protocols and automated shutdowns. Our compressors are designed and built with your specific needs in mind. Engineer Jeff Womacks and Pacific Pro Dive have partnered to produce the most versatile, safest, and easiest to use compressor available. 

We can install, service, upgrade and provide training for our custom automated compressor stations.


Rupture protection  
If a pressure line should rupture during the filling of a tank or bank, the system will measure a negative rate of change of the pressure and immediately shut itself down and annunciate the reason for shutdown on the alarm banner. 
Maintenance timers
There are separate run timers for the following maintenance actions; oil change, filter change, and air quality test. Also there is a meter showing the total hours of runtime on the compressor system. 
Remote control and monitoring  
A simple but sophisticated system allows operators to maintain a safe distance form the pressurized system while the filling process is initiated - while still being able to monitor its progress, as if you were standing right in front of the panel. Your employees don’t have to babysit the system, and can use their time for other required tasks.

Custom modifications to the system can be completed to fit your needs. Service and support contracts can be defined to ensure all updates and troubleshooting are just a phone call away. 

Contact us for more information and a demo of the unit.