Why do you love diving?: I love the feeling of being underwater. I can do an entire dive in the sand with shrimp and be very happy. I enjoy viewing and filming marine life and my dive buddies; and creating videos of the underwater world. My favourite kind of diving is with big animals: sea lions and other marine mammals, manta rays, sharks, as well as towering pinnacles, walls, shipwrecks, and caves. I love that you can always continue learning and growing as a diver, and travel anywhere with it!

Favourite dive site: My favourite local shore site is Madrona, and my favourite local boat dive is anywhere with sea lions, especially Vivian Island and Norris Rocks. My favourite shipwreck on the Island is the SS Capilano.

Favourite marine life: Some of my favourite local marine life are: sea lions, giant pacific octopus, wolf eels, jellies, kelp forests, hooded nudibranchs, red irish lord, tube snouts, pipe fish, and the teeny tiny pacific spiny lumpsuckers.

Proudest moment as a diver: I’d say one of my proudest moments as a diver has been taking my cave diver certification in High Springs, Florida. This was an incredible course, teaching me a great deal as a diver, and the Florida springs are some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been diving. The exciting challenges of the course and completing the training is a proud moment. I’d also say that creating a video for the DIABC and Destination BC, promoting scuba diving in our amazing province, is also one of my proudest moments as a diver.

Why Vancouver Island is the best place to be for diving?: The colours and variety of sites and things to see is why I love diving Vancouver Island. Everything is here and it’s in incredible abundance! You can dive with the sea lions, drift dive the walls packed with life, dive on a shipwreck, whale watch on your surface intervals, all in a day’s play! We have awesome boat and shore diving all around us to explore.